Turn stress into performance

We all have varying energy levels that are affected by genetics, stress (both work and personal), diet and other environmental factors. Some people are naturally calm but may have low energy levels whereas others may have a higher 'nervous energy'.

In the modern world, stress is recognized as a significant cause in up to 80% of health problems. Stress directly affects the function of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is responsible for the regulation of the majority of internal body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion and gland secretion. Proper regulatory activity of the ANS provides adequate adaptation of the body to many factors including exposure to stress.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and in particular the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is dependent on those systems being in homeostasis or in balance for optimum performance.

Achieving homeostasis is the goal of your subconscious system. If it is pushed too long and hard, it absolutely affects your performance in how you feel (emotions), concentration (mental) and fatigue or burn out (physical). Of course, if left, issues such as anxiety, depression and a host of other clinical outcomes can also come into play. Being in balance and understanding how to achieve this balance is central to better performance in both health and life (work, personal and family).

The StressAware program as developed by Aware Medical will assess the energy management of your mental and physical systems through a simple non-invasive 10-minute test. It will assess the Heart and Cardio-vascular system as well as measure the subconscious responses of your brain and in particular the Autonomic Nervous System, to the pressures and stresses in your life and in particular how it MANAGES YOUR ENERGY.

Portable with immediate report

The StressAware Assessment offers participants the following:

  • Non-invasive, 10 minute duration conducted at your location
  • Heart and Cardio-vascular screening including 12 key measures
  • Measures of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controlling all functions of the body
  • Physical measurement of stress and resilience capabilities
  • Immediate feedback and reporting and where appropriate, recommendations on further assessment or screening
  • Highly portable for delivery in an office or other workplace environments