Sports Team Profiling

Unfortunately, on a regular basis we see reports in the media about the sudden death on the sports field of individuals who had no awareness that they may have a potentially life threatening affliction.

We know that in EVERY group of people there are latent health problems that remain un-diagnosed as their health advisers simply don't have access to the technology to undertake relevant screening.

Even within seemingly healthy and fit people there are often unknown issues around arterial stiffening, the Heart's ejection duration and also their oxygenation ratio. Heart & Cardio-vascular disease kills up to 50% of the population. In over 40% of fatal Heart attacks, the first symptom is sudden death. This includes all age groups as even young sports people can have genetic markers that will increase their risk.

With this in mind, along with our broader based health screening programs, Aware Medical has identified appropriate technologies and developed the relevant screening protocols to be able to deliver Sports Team Profiling.

The Sports Team Profiling capability can be delivered to each participant in just 10 minutes and includes:

  1. A Resting ECG reviewed and reported on by a Specialist Cardiologist, (not just a GP).

  2. A comprehensive assessment of the Heart & Cardio-vascular system focusing on two key aspects.
a) with an evaluation of 8 key measures, we are able to rate the person's results against expected clinical norms based on their gender and age. This naturally includes measurement of the person's Blood Pressure in their arm and more importantly the pressure measured at their heart.

We will measure the relationship between their resting heart rate and the level of arterial stiffening measured, the level of heart oxygenation and the Heart’s ejection duration (which is the time the heart spends working each beat).

b) We are able to provide specific targets for the participant to work towards with their trainers / health professionals. Depending on their profile we also rate them against tables recommending a focus on diet, exercise and/or medication.

  1. We physically measure the stress of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) to derive 3 measures being for their Sympathetic & Para-Sympathetic Nervous systems (Physical & Mental) as well as their Resilience, being their ability to recover from a stress event.

This information is able to be used to provide targets for the participant to work towards with their sports trainers / health professionals.