HeartAware Assessment

The HeartAware assessment provides the foundation on which we build the range of screening and assessment services that Aware Medical is able to tailor for the specific needs of our clients.

The HeartAware assessment measures premature arterial stiffness, which, even in asymptomatic individuals and in the absence of traditional Cardio-vascular risk factors, is a reliable indicator of Cardio-vascular disease and predictor of morbidity such as heart attack and stroke.

Utilizing leading edge, non-invasive technology and reporting capabilities, an individual assessment of 10 minutes duration can deliver a wealth of information relating to the operation of the individual's heart and Cardio-vascular system.

More than one in four Australian adults, (over 3.6 million people) has a Cardio-vascular condition (including high blood pressure, heart disease, stiff arteries, diabetes, etc.) For a 40-year-old Australian, the risk of having coronary heart disease at some time in their future life is one in two for men and one in three for women. ABS Year Book 2009-10

The HeartAware assessment is delivered by Aware Medical health professionals on your premises and provides a highly accurate method of detecting potential Cardio-vascular disease often long before the signs or symptoms first appear.

The HeartAware assessment is:

  • A Comprehensive, highly accurate screening and assessment of cardiac function
  • Non-invasive
  • Highly portable for delivery in an office or other workplace environments
  • Able to deliver vital information on the whole circulatory system, not just the heart

  • Able to provide immediate feedback and where appropriate, recommendations for further assessment and/or treatment