A new paradigm in awareness

Throughout our population, from corporate office locations to industrial and field environments, latent health conditions including Diabetes, Obesity, Heart and Cardio-vascular disease are continuing to rise. All of these are contributing to or being exacerbated by today's high stress work environments.

Up to 50% of the Australian population will die from Cardio-vascular & Heart related disease (CVH), yet Cardio-vascular & Heart related disease is the most preventable of the major causes of death.

In over 45% of fatal Heart attacks the first symptom is sudden death. In the last 10 years Heart attacks in people under 35 have increased 30%.

YET … little meaningful awareness screening has been undertaken or even available …...UNTIL NOW!

The HealthAware Assessment provides participants with a comprehensive health screening protocol that is delivered on-site at your premises and is faster, cheaper and more diagnostic than traditional services.

Aware Medical has invested significantly to develop a range of screening and reporting protocols the likes of which have previously only been available at a dedicated clinic or GP office and has required a 2-4 hour time commitment away from the workplace.

On-site, faster, more diagnostic

  • A highly portable assessment for delivery in an office or other workplace environments
  • Online questionnaire to identify key genetic and environmental factors impacting on health
  • Non-invasive, 40-45 minute assessment conducted at your location by a health professional
  • Measures of height, weight, waist and hips for key ratios beyond BMI
  • Onsite pathology with immediate reporting of 8 key measures and ratios including blood sugars and full lipid profile (option for other pathology if requested)
  • Resting ECG
  • Heart and Cardio-vascular screening including Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controlling all functions of the body
  • Physical measurement of stress and resilience capabilities
  • Immediate feedback and counseling from our health professionals on appropriate actions
  • Reporting and where appropriate, recommendations on further assessment or screening delivered at the end of the assessment to your nominated email address