Corporate Health

A new paradigm in health awareness

In every workforce there are latent health and productivity issues. In their last assessment, consultants PWC valued Australian business losses due to absenteeism & presenteeism at $33 billion pa. ($7 billion & $26 billion respectively).

Yet another challenge is how business pressure can be turned into productivity rather than stress which adversely affects output and exacerbates many health conditions. For example, recent medical reports link heart attacks to stress eroding the Autonomic Nervous System more so than arterial blockages.

Traditionally, workplace health assessments have had limited accessibility by the broader workforce or have low diagnostic value. On-site health screening has been too basic to be of real use with the alternative being low volume off-site evaluations, which are too expensive, time consuming and usually result in lost revenue, client billings and/or productivity. Aware Medical is able to attend your workplace and provide scalable, comprehensive screening at a lower investment than any known traditional provider. We estimate that our comprehensive executive health screening to provide greater than 60% savings in direct revenue and employee costs.

Our range of screening options are FASTER, CHEAPER & MORE DIAGNOSTIC than any previously available capability.

Our screening options can include genetics, environmental, comprehensive heart and Cardio-vascular, heart rate variability, autonomic nervous system, lung function, stress & resilience profiles with detailed and actionable reports available within minutes of completing the screening.

Pre-employment and periodic screening

Aware Medical is focused on helping minimise risk for our clients through specific assessments supporting a ‘zero harm’ workplace approach. This includes providing a range of pre-employment medical and drug and alcohol screening services mobilised to your workplace or alternatively conveniently located in one of our metropolitan clinics.

Aware Medical provides comprehensive and detailed medical assessments that can be tailored to your specific workplace needs.

Our pre-employment medical assessments are simplistic and easy to read, offer fast turn-around and results, cost effectiveness and convenient locations for your candidates. Our clinics are resourced by qualified occupational health staff strengthened by occupational health general practitioners.

Aware Medical services can include:

  • Full medical examinations

  • Proprietary HeartAware assessment

  • Spirometry and audiometry testing

  • Functional capacity assessments

  • Drug and alcohol screening
Aware Medical makes organising drug and alcohol screening simple with our onsite or clinic based drug and alcohol screening service. Coordination of single, sweeping and/or random drug and alcohol screenings can be conducted on site in the metropolitan area or in regional and remote work places.

All of our drug and alcohol screening services are conducted in adherence to Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4308:2008).

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