About Aware Medical

Thank you for your interest in our company. Aware Medical is a subsidiary of Bell Medical, which has been providing services to the Health & Medical, Work Force Management and IT sectors since 1998.

During this period we have seen latent health conditions on the increase amongst staff at all levels in all industries. These include Diabetes, obesity, heart & Cardio-vascular disease, with a 30% increase in heart attacks in people under the age of 35 in just the last 10 years. In all, up to 50% of the people you work with and know will die from heart & Cardio-vascular related disease. Yet few people are really aware of their total health risk profile or even how sugar levels can multiply their life risks.

The Directors and team at Aware Medical are committed to greatly increasing the affordability and availability of market leading technologies that can be deployed directly into the convenience of your office or workplace.

To this end, we are currently finalising the development of what we believe will be market changing health assessment technologies and screening services. If you or anyone you know is genuinely interested in identifying an overall health risk profile and achieving earlier intervention and prevention, then we welcome your contact.


Dr Peter Smith Director

Dr Peter Smith has a breadth of experience in both the Health and Finance Sectors gained over a career spanning 35 years. Having initially gained 2 Bachelor of Science degrees, both with Honours, from Cambridge, Peter pursued a career in Health research and lecturing at Sydney University, Macquarie University and the University of Western Sydney. From 1995 he moved into the Finance sector after completing a MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management and started a career in Funds Management and Investment Banking, specializing in IPO's, M&A and Capital Raising. Peter has gained significant experience in Corporate Financial Structuring. Commencing in 1998, Peter was an Executive Director and CIO at Investec Australia before moving to Van Eyk Research to lead the Asset Consulting Department. Since 2006, Peter has consulted and managed equity funds for a number of entities including JBS Investments, which he founded and continues to manage as an international equities fund based in Australia.

Alan Bell CEO

Alan Bell is the founder and CEO of Aware Medical and Bell Medical. In 2003 he conceived and founded Chandler Macleod's successful Health & Medical workforce management business with revenues in excess of $70 million per annum. Previously Mr Bell worked in the IT contracting and workforce area as a founding Director of PeopleBank which publicly listed on the ASX. He also has extensive business experience in the Asian market. Mr Bell is a Director of the RCSA (Recruitment & Consulting Services Association) which is the industry peak body. He is also the Chair of ANRA (the RCSA Nursing division) and a Councillor of AMRANZ (the RCSA Medical division). In these roles Mr Bell is recognised as an industry leader representing suppliers in discussions with Political Leaders, Colleges and Government Authorities.

Kevin Chandler Director

Kevin Chandler has been a driving force in building the publicly listed Chandler Macleod Group having held numerous CEO & Director roles since 1977. Mr Chandler is widely recognised as an industry luminary in the Management and Organisational Psychology arena. He was also a Director of Nanyang Investments (managing $100 million for St George) and of Outcomes Australia (which was funded to $151 million to support organ donation). Mr Chandler is also the immediate past President of The Lakes Golf Club.